Understanding Thought Leadership: Creating Valuable Content for Business Growth – Ep 29

Grow Business Podcast Episode 29

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham explore the role of thought leadership in business growth.

They discuss the need for authentic, high-quality content tailored to a niche audience and the importance of a unique point of view.

The impact of COVID-19 on business strategies is also addressed, along with the value of patience and engagement in thought leadership.

Cory and Lon emphasize authenticity, community interaction, and the significance of giving credit to original ideas while sharing and developing one’s own.

The episode concludes with a call to action for audience engagement and feedback.


  • The ramble (00:00:01)
  • Introduction and setup (00:01:09)
  • Getting started (00:03:00)
  • Thought leadership and content creation (00:06:25)
  • The importance of thought leadership (00:15:32)
  • Identifying the niche audience (00:21:36)
  • Identifying the target audience (00:22:20)
  • Developing a unique point of view (00:27:54)
  • Creating high-quality content (00:42:27)
  • High Quality Content (00:44:23)
  • Using ChatGPT and Content Quality (00:45:18)
  • Choosing the Right Platforms (00:47:58)
  • Collaborating with Thought Leaders (00:50:39)
  • Thought Leadership and Originality (00:52:25)
  • Measuring Impact and Engagement (00:55:25)
  • Long-Term Strategy of Thought Leadership (00:58:19)
  • Conclusion and Call to Action (01:00:08)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of thought leadership in growing a business
  • Significance of identifying a niche audience and creating relevant content
  • Developing a unique point of view for thought leadership content
  • Impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the need for adjustments
  • Genuine and unique point of view for thought leadership content
  • Creation of high-quality content for thought leadership
  • Attracting the right audience through high-quality content
  • Long-term strategy of thought leadership and patience required for results
  • Importance of authenticity and giving credit to original sources
  • Purpose of the content as a resource for business growth


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