The Power of Self-Promotion In Business – Ep 27

Grow Episode 27

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham explore the nuances of marketing and self-promotion in business.

They delve into the challenges of sharing one’s success and the impact of upbringing on self-promotion.

Personal anecdotes and humor punctuate their discussion on the importance of humility and the podcast’s unique selling proposition.

The hosts also provide practical advice on age-related disclosures and engage in a lively conversation about the authenticity of their content, emphasizing the podcast’s focus on current, real-time topics.


  • The introduction (00:00:00)
  • Age disclosure and podcast introduction (00:01:10)
  • Personal anecdotes and podcast setup (00:02:11)
  • Acknowledging the audience and podcast gratitude (00:03:09)
  • Real-time topics and unique selling proposition (00:05:00)
  • Challenges of self-promotion and upbringing’s influence (00:06:10)
  • Discussion on promoting success and personal experiences (00:09:45)
  • Influence of upbringing on self-promotion (00:12:38)
  • Promoting Your Success (00:12:45)
  • Crafting a Message (00:14:36)
  • Instilling Confidence (00:20:11)
  • Responsibility in Promotion (00:21:29)
  • Competence and Confidence (00:26:00)
  • Reducing Buying Decision Risk (00:27:22)
  • Positioning and Pricing (00:28:30)
  • Self-Promotion Strategy (00:29:28)
  • Clarity in Messaging (00:33:17)
  • Confidence in Decision-Making (00:36:00)
  • Employee Communication (00:37:03)
  • Promoting Business Success (00:38:42)
  • Challenges of Self-Promotion (00:40:19)
  • The Value of Education (00:41:39)
  • The Importance of Genuine Promotion (00:45:08)
  • Taking Action in Promotion (00:46:04)
  • Expressing Gratitude and Encouragement (00:48:10)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of promoting business success
  • Challenges of promoting one’s success
  • Influence of upbringing on perception and promotion of achievements
  • Personal experiences and perspectives on humility and self-promotion
  • Unique selling proposition of the podcast
  • Instilling confidence in potential clients and customers
  • Demonstrating competence and confidence in business interactions
  • Making it easy for potential clients to do business with you
  • Role of employees in communicating the business’s value proposition
  • Gratitude to the audience for their support and encouragement to share the podcast with others


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