The Critical Role of Customer Experience In Business Success – Ep 30

Grow Business Podcast Episode 30

Show Notes:

In this episode of Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham focus on the critical role of customer experience in business success.

They discuss the negative impact of poor recognition and service, and the benefits of positive interactions, including customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Cory and Lon highlight the need for businesses to actively manage customer expectations, monitor online reviews, and respond appropriately to feedback.

They stress the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and the potential damage of negative experiences.

The episode also promotes the book “Ridiculously Simple Customer Experience” and underscores the value of targeted feedback and follow-up interviews to improve service quality.


  • The waiting room experience (00:06:39)
  • Contrasting dealership experiences (00:09:22)
  • Impact of online reviews (00:12:52)
  • The importance of monitoring reviews (00:15:50)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (00:25:36)
  • First impressions and enthusiasm (00:28:00)
  • Elevating customer experience (00:30:11)
  • The Experience of Dining Out (00:31:42)
  • Differentiating Between Favorite Restaurant, Steakhouse, and Best Steak (00:33:24)
  • Customer Experience Philosophy (00:35:38)
  • Solving Customer Problems (00:36:41)
  • Appreciating Kindness in Customer Service (00:38:40)
  • Engagement for Book Giveaway (00:39:53)
  • Focus Groups and Follow-Up Interviews (00:42:21)
  • Gratitude and Conclusion (00:43:30)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of customer experience
  • Impact of positive customer experience on loyalty, brand reputation, and bottom line
  • Managing expectations and keeping customers informed
  • Monitoring social media and online reviews
  • Need for business owners to have a 360 set of skills
  • Challenges faced by businesses and understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Significance of customer reviews and first impressions
  • Role of customer satisfaction surveys in improving customer experience
  • Impact of negative experiences and creating realistic expectations for customers
  • Importance of actively monitoring and responding to customer feedback


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