Maximizing Business Growth Through Effective Networking – Ep 24

Grow Business Podcast Episode 24

Show Notes:

In this episode of Grow Business Podcast, host Cory Mosley and guest Lon Graham discuss effective networking strategies.

They explore the importance of having a purposeful approach to networking events, with Cory expressing skepticism about their value and Lon advocating for intentional participation.

Cory and Lon offer practical tips for gracefully exiting unproductive conversations and initiating meaningful dialogue.

The conversation also covers maintaining long-term relationships and the significance of aligning networking efforts with business goals, emphasizing the need for a strategic approach to ensure a return on energy invested in networking activities.


  • Networking Events (00:00:48)
  • Purposeful Networking (00:03:11)
  • Intentional Networking (00:11:34)
  • Exiting Unwanted Conversations (00:14:19)
  • Networking Event Exit Strategies (00:15:49)
  • Conversation Starters at Networking Events (00:17:19)
  • Nurturing Potential Clients (00:23:29)
  • Forrest Gump Style Networking (00:27:06)
  • Maximizing Networking Event Impact (00:28:05)
  • Setting Networking Goals (00:29:09)
  • Effective Networking Strategies (00:29:41)
  • Strategic Networking Approach (00:30:47)
  • Quality Conversations (00:31:38)
  • Networking Etiquette (00:32:51)
  • Identifying Ideal Networking Events (00:35:10)
  • Networking Strategy Evaluation (00:39:38)
  • Strategic Networking Execution (00:41:29)
  • Conclusion and Gratitude (00:43:09)
  • Check First (00:43:38)
  • Bobblehead Debate (00:43:52)
  • Mexican Looking Bobblehead (00:44:15)

Bullet Points:

  • The effectiveness of networking in growing a business
  • Cory Mosley’s skepticism about the value of networking events
  • Lon’s intentional approach to networking
  • Navigating challenges at networking events
  • Strategic approach to networking
  • Importance of identifying specific individuals to connect with
  • Gracefully exiting conversations at networking events
  • Building meaningful connections and opportunities through networking
  • Setting specific goals for networking events
  • Aligning networking efforts with business objectives


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