5 Hiring Mistakes That Can Put You Out Of Business – Ep 8

Grow Business Podcast 8

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, host Cory Mosley and Lon Graham “LG” discuss common hiring mistakes that can harm a business. They highlight the dangers of “rescue hires,” the importance of the right people conducting interviews, and the need to review a candidate’s social media presence.

They also stress the importance of a 90-day plan for new hires and a generational communication strategy. Cory concludes by emphasizing the podcast’s mission to educate and entertain, and directs listeners to their website for additional resources.

Time Stamps

  • The hiring mistakes (00:01:22)
  • The concept of self-made (00:02:13)
  • Hire slow, fire fast (00:05:19)
  • The rescue hire mistake (00:07:36)
  • The dangers of rescue mode (00:10:15)
  • Ex-girlfriend syndrome (00:10:59)
  • The wrong people conducting interviews (00:14:15)
  • The consequences of hiring several levels away (00:15:12)
  • The importance of letting the people who lead, lead (00:17:12)
  • The importance of reviewing a candidate’s social media (00:19:43)
  • Creating a plan for the 90-day probation period (00:24:21)
  • Establishing expectations and providing support for new hires (00:25:15)
  • CEO Discussion (00:26:27)
  • Importance of communication strategy (00:26:57)
  • Differences in communication styles (00:30:13)
  • The five hiring mistakes (00:32:59)
  • Continued commitment to help listeners succeed (00:33:58)
  • Closing remarks and podcast outro (00:34:17)

The Peril of “Rescue Hires”

The term “rescue hire,” coined by Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand, refers to hiring someone with the expectation that they will single-handedly “save the day.” This approach is inherently flawed as it puts immense pressure on the new hire and overlooks the importance of teamwork and cultural fit. Instead, view your new hire as an asset to your existing team, rather than a solution to your problems.

Wrong Interview Conductors

Just because someone holds a managerial title doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit to conduct interviews. Interviewing is a skill that needs to be honed. In many cases, the best person to lead the interview process is the one who will be directly supervising the new hire. This ensures a better understanding of the role requirements and a cultural fit.

Overlooking Cultural Fit

A common mistake is focusing too much on a candidate’s skills and experience, while neglecting their potential cultural fit within your organization. While skills are important, an employee who doesn’t align with your company’s culture can lead to discord and decreased productivity.

Neglecting to Consider the Big Picture

In the rush to fill a vacant position, many hiring managers overlook the bigger picture. A new hire should not only be a good fit for the specific role but also contribute positively to the overall dynamics of the team and the growth of the company.

The Myth of the Self-Made Hire

The belief that a single hire can independently lead a company to success is a myth. As Cory rightly pointed out, “there is no such thing as a self-made person.” Everybody needs help in some form or another to grow. Hiring isn’t just about filling a vacant position – it’s about adding value to your business.

Hiring is a delicate process that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Avoiding these common hiring mistakes can help safeguard your business from potential pitfalls and set it on a path to success.

Bullet Points

  • Hiring mistakes that can put a business out of business
  • Importance of having the right people in a business
  • Negative impact of hiring the wrong individuals, such as untrained family members
  • Challenging the notion of being a self-made person and the importance of help from others
  • Embracing outside influence for personal growth
  • Cost of making a bad hire in terms of time, money, and reputation
  • The significance of a strong team for a healthy business and growth
  • Hiring mistakes made by small business owners, such as not considering how employees represent the brand
  • Lesson learned about hiring slow and firing fast
  • The concept of a “rescue hire” and its dangers
  • Importance of having the right people conduct interviews
  • The impact of social media behavior on a company’s reputation
  • The need for a 90-day stay plan for new hires
  • Importance of having a generational communication strategy in the workplace
  • Wrapping up the episode and encouraging listeners to continue their journey of growth and success.


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