Attitude, Actions, and Why Many Businesses Stay Small – Ep 3

Attitude, Actions, and Why Many Businesses Stay Small

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, host Cory Mosley and co-host Kerry James discuss the five pillars of business growth and the importance of identifying and overcoming challenges within these pillars.They also talk about why many small businesses stay small and the factors that contribute to their lack of growth.

Cory emphasize the significance of attitude and actions in running a successful business, using examples from the HVAC industry and their own experiences.

Cory and Kerry also discuss the importance of customer service, processes and procedures, and seeking outside perspectives.

Time Stamps:

  • The intro and greetings [00:00:00]
  • The five pillars of business growth [00:01:01]
  • Why small businesses stay small [00:05:30]
  • The reason most businesses don’t reach $1 million [00:08:23]
  • Attitude and actions as the separator [00:08:51]
  • Importance of accountability and tangible investment [00:13:29]
  • Topic 1: Attitudes and Actions [00:16:37]
  • Topic 2: Processes and Procedures [00:17:44]
  • Topic 3: Soliciting Reviews [00:21:05]
  • The lack of completion in courses [00:25:18]
  • The importance of customer service [00:27:24]
  • The significance of processes and procedures [00:31:21]
  • The importance of customer centric policies and procedures [00:34:27]
  • Efficient booking process for thought leadership interviews [00:35:28]
  • The negative impact of poor duty of care and lack of processes [00:38:27]
  • Identify, Isolate, Attack [00:43:09]
  • Cheap and Good Rarely Go Together [00:44:07]
  • Avoiding Mistakes for Success [00:47:27]

The Importance of Attitude and Actions

Cory and Kerry believe that thinking and acting like a small business is crucial. They’ve noticed that smaller businesses often lack a sense of urgency and don’t prioritize customer service. For instance, Cory shared his personal experience of calling HVAC companies and often getting voicemail or delayed callbacks. These businesses are acting small and not implementing proper processes and procedures.

They suggest that if small businesses acted more like larger corporations, with a sense of urgency and efficient processes in place, they would see growth in their business. Cory and Kerry emphasize the importance of accountability, reliability, and following up with customers.

The Gig Economy and Business Growth

They challenge the notion that small businesses can’t compete with larger organizations due to limited resources. In today’s gig economy, there are solutions available for every aspect of business, including marketing. They encourage small business owners to hire professionals for tasks outside their expertise.

The Power of Customer-Centric Approach

Cory believes in the importance of seeking outside perspectives and experiences when facing challenges in business. He emphasizes the need for business owners and entrepreneurs to have the right attitude and actions when it comes to customer service. He share an example of a painter who openly admitted to not following up with potential customers, highlighting the detrimental effects this can have on a business.

The Importance of Processes and Procedures

Cory and Kerry stress the need for processes and procedures to manage clients effectively and maintain a positive attitude towards customer care. Kerry shares an example of how he recently intervened in a situation because he cared about the client and wanted to ensure a positive outcome. Kerry emphasizes that caring about customers is not just about saying it, but also about taking action, such as returning phone calls promptly and providing efficient processes.

The “Identify, Isolate, Attack” Approach

Cory and Kerry believe in the power of the “identify, isolate, attack” approach and its simplicity and repeatability. They urge listeners to stop hating on bigger companies and instead focus on implementing effective processes and procedures to achieve success.

Bullet Points:

  • Introduction of hosts and podcast.
  • Discussion of the five pillars of business growth: mindset, marketing, sales, operations, and people.
  • Mention of upcoming interview with Pegine, a Leadership Speaker.
  • Mention of Sweet Booty 45 follower on TikTok.
  • Reasons why small businesses stay small.
  • Factors that contribute to small businesses failing to reach $1 million in revenue.
  • Importance of attitude and actions in business success.
  • Importance of customer service and accountability.
  • Importance of adopting a larger corporation mindset and efficient processes.
  • Importance of seeking outside perspectives and experiences in business challenges.
  • Importance of customer-centric approach and processes.
  • Importance of having processes and procedures in place for consistent service delivery.
  • Importance of changing attitudes and embracing processes and procedures for business growth.
  • Desire to impact listeners’ businesses and provide actionable advice.

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