Inspecting the Customer Journey, First Impressions, and Cold Outreach Mistakes To Avoid – Ep 2

Episode 2: Inspecting the Customer Journey, First Impressions, and Cold Outreach Mistakes To Avoid

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Kerry James discuss the importance of a well-functioning website and attention to detail in business growth.

Cory shares personal experiences of receiving unsolicited emails and visiting websites that were poorly designed and had technical issues.

They highlight the negative impact these experiences can have on a business’s reputation and customer trust. They also emphasize the importance of meeting customer expectations, addressing technical issues promptly, and building trust through consistent marketing and customer experiences.

Cory and Kerry encourage listeners to evaluate their own customer journey and share the podcast with others who can benefit from the insights.

Time Stamps:

  • The Cold Email and Marketing Company [00:04:15]
  • The Broken Website [00:07:23]
  • The Waste of Time and Effort [00:08:42]
  • The broken website and calendar [00:16:43]
  • The importance of continuity of brand [00:16:59]
  • Taking care of the basics [00:18:25]
  • The broken website [00:19:03]
  • Unsolicited business advice [00:20:08]
  • Online ordering for a burger joint [00:21:48]
  • Expectations of Brand Performance [00:27:09]
  • Importance of Website Functionality [00:28:08]
  • Setting Customer Expectations [00:30:07]
  • Verifying the customer’s journey [00:36:49]
  • Increasing customer engagement [00:38:36]
  • Examining the customer journey [00:41:44]

The Impact of First Impressions

Cory and Kerry’s conversation kicked off with a discussion about a cold email Cory received from a marketing company. Intrigued by their offer to help with business growth, Cory decided to visit the company’s website. However, he was met with broken links and a plugin with a broken calendar availability. This lack of attention to detail and professionalism left a sour taste in his mouth, emphasizing the importance of matching the marketing message with the overall brand image.

As Cory put it, “I was disappointed and decided I would never visit the website again. I might even share my negative experience with others.” This experience underscores the importance of first impressions in business. A poorly designed and unusable website can deter potential customers, wasting marketing efforts and damaging the brand’s reputation.

The Role of a Website in Showcasing Business Competency

They then moved on to discuss the importance of a website in showcasing a business’s competency and ability to solve problems for potential customers. Cory shares an example of a plumber who establishes affiliations with new communities but fails to provide a reliable and responsive service. This attitude can hinder business growth, as small mistakes can accumulate and harm a business over time.

They also touched on the decline of Bed Bath & Beyond as an example of a company that failed to pay attention to customer experience and outdated practices.

The Importance of Meeting Customer Expectations

The conversation took a turn towards the importance of meeting customer expectations and addressing technical issues to drive business growth. Cory shared a personal experience of a burger joint that he and his wife liked, they stopped patronizing it because they didn’t have online ordering. Cory sent the owner a note explaining that we would eat there more if they had online ordering.

Cory and Kerry also discussed another negative experience at a fast food chicken restaurant where the staff and service didn’t meet expectations. These experiences highlight the importance of caring about your job and how it affects the customer experience.

The Customer Journey and Delivering Value

Cory and Kerry discussed the importance of verifying the customer’s journey and ensuring that all touch points are reliable and trustworthy. They emphasized the need for businesses to build trust with their customers at every step, from emails to website visits to reading testimonials.

They also touched on the concept of the customer feeling like they are winning by doing business with a company. Customers want their problems solved and to save time, and they are willing to pay more if they perceive more value in return.

Remember, small mistakes can accumulate and harm a business over time. So, pay attention to detail, meet customer expectations, and deliver value at every step of the customer journey. Share this podcast with others who could benefit from the information, and let’s grow our businesses together.

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of attention to detail and professionalism in marketing messages and website design.
  • Frustration with broken links and technical issues on a company’s website.
  • Discussion on the decline of Bed Bath & Beyond and outdated marketing practices.
  • Importance of addressing technical issues and meeting customer expectations for business growth.
  • Importance of a well-functioning website as the face of a business.
  • Limited time customers have and the abundance of other options available to them.
  • Importance of building trust with customers at every touchpoint.
  • Importance of delivering value and meeting customer expectations.
  • Importance of consistency and continuity in marketing and customer experience.
  • Encouragement to examine the customer journey and align marketing with the actual experience.


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