The Critical Role of Lifelong Learning and Flexibility in Business Expansion – Ep 19

Grow Business Podcast 19

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham, explore the necessity for business owners to learn new skills swiftly to stay competitive.

They discuss overcoming resistance to change, the significance of sales skills, and the concept of micro-learning for efficient knowledge acquisition.

Cory highlights the use of platforms like Blinkist for quick learning and the importance of choosing reputable learning sources.

Cory and Lon also share personal anecdotes to emphasize adaptability and hands-on practice in business, encouraging listeners to apply knowledge immediately for real-world success.

They conclude by underscoring the value of continuous learning, adaptability, and perseverance in business growth.

Time Stamps

  • Introduction (00:00:05)
  • Welcoming the Guests (00:01:13)
  • Podcast Distribution Platforms (00:02:35)
  • The Need for New Skills (00:04:15)
  • Resistance to Change (00:06:00)
  • Identifying Key Skills (00:11:40)
  • The Impact of Sales Skills (00:12:36)
  • Learning Mandarin and Cantonese (00:15:13)
  • Balancing Entrepreneurship and Learning (00:16:03)
  • Micro-learning and Blinkist (00:16:46)
  • Reading Non-fiction and Attention Span (00:17:54)
  • Course Length and Content Commitment (00:20:32)
  • Return on Investment and Return on Energy (00:21:44)
  • Utilizing Online Resources and Quality of Courses (00:22:09)
  • Learning Structure and Free Courses (00:24:49)
  • Sourcing Information and Content Consumption (00:26:49)
  • Choosing Learning Sources and Value (00:29:40)
  • Avatar for Learning (00:30:32)
  • Learning from Successful Coaches (00:30:36)
  • Selecting Whose Information to Listen to (00:32:17)
  • Approaching Networking and Mentorship (00:35:14)
  • Identifying People to Learn From (00:37:39)
  • Hands-on Practice (00:41:09)
  • The importance of practice (00:43:38)
  • The role of visual aids in presentations (00:44:06)
  • Adaptation and problem-solving in public speaking (00:46:39)
  • Using speaking as a business-building tool (00:48:43)
  • Removing barriers to business success (00:49:22)
  • Appreciation for audience support (00:50:28)

Bullet Points

  • Importance of acquiring new skills for business owners
  • Resistance to change and reluctance to embrace new ways of doing things
  • Identifying key skills for business impact
  • Importance of sales skills for business growth
  • Micro-learning and balancing skills development with entrepreneurship and personal life
  • Challenges of attention span and preference for shorter, digestible content
  • Abundance of online resources for learning
  • Importance of networking and mentorship for learning and growth
  • Hands-on practice and the importance of applying new knowledge
  • Adaptability and perseverance in the face of challenges


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