Strategic Partnership In Business Growth – Ep 15

Grow Business Podcast 15

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham discuss the critical role of strategic partnerships in business growth.

They emphasize the necessity of entering partnerships with a clear plan and mutual benefits in mind.

Cory and Lon advise against casual brainstorming without established relationships and stress the importance of understanding each other’s goals.

They highlight the need for confidence and a well-defined approach in seeking partnerships, focusing on complementary strengths and the “what’s in it for them” factor.

Additionally, they touch on the closure of their coaching program and the importance of clear communication and trust in forming successful partnerships.

Time Stamps:

  • The afternoon energy (00:00:01)
  • Acknowledging audience and podcast success (00:01:43)
  • Revealing the topic: Strategic partnerships (00:03:42)
  • Closure of coaching program (00:07:30)
  • Determining natural extensions and identifying complementary strengths (00:09:25)
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships (00:15:12)
  • Defining Objectives (00:17:42)
  • Establishing Mutual Trust in Communication (00:18:11)
  • Dealing with Business Challenges (00:20:54)
  • Personal Challenges in Business (00:23:28)
  • Strategic Partnerships and Complementary Strengths (00:29:13)
  • Mutually Beneficial Partnerships (00:30:38)
  • Clear Agreements in Partnerships (00:34:41)
  • Strategic Partnerships and Clear Expectations (00:35:34)
  • Referral-based Partnerships and Trust (00:36:36)
  • Understanding Values in Partnerships (00:37:32)
  • Being Adaptable and Flexible in Partnerships (00:45:15)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of strategic partnerships in business growth
  • Need for a clear plan and focus on mutual benefits in approaching partnerships
  • Closure of their coaching program and the need for a confident and well-defined approach in seeking partnerships
  • Emphasis on understanding objectives and expectations of partnerships
  • Advice against brainstorming with someone without an existing relationship
  • Importance of identifying complementary strengths in potential partnerships
  • Emphasizing the “what’s in it for them” factor in presenting mutually beneficial opportunities
  • Need for mutual trust, clear agreements, and a focus on mutual benefits in communication
  • Personal experiences and insights shared regarding successful partnerships
  • Stress on the importance of a clear plan and well-defined approach in seeking and forming strategic partnerships


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