2024 Goal Setting and Execution Strategies – Ep 14

Grow Business Podcast Episode 14

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham discuss the importance of goal setting, personal and professional development, and the role of technology in achieving goals.

They emphasize the need for a goal-oriented culture within businesses and the value of continuous learning.

Cory and Lon also highlight the importance of customer feedback in the goal-setting process and discuss strategies for managing growth and balancing short-term and long-term objectives.

The episode concludes with a discussion on personal growth and the impact it can have on one’s life.

Time Stamps

  • 2024: A Fresh Start (00:00:00)
  • Growing Viewership and Appreciation (00:01:04)
  • Goal Setting and Execution Strategies (00:04:49)
  • Technology in Goal Setting (00:08:25)
  • Benefits of Technology in Tracking Goals (00:09:05)
  • Fostering a Goal-Oriented Culture in the Workplace (00:13:52)
  • Setting and Reinforcing Organizational Goals (00:14:46)
  • Continuous Learning and Personal Development (00:17:33)
  • Utilizing Downtime for Learning (00:21:43)
  • Prioritizing Customer Feedback (00:26:17)
  • Finding Your Preferred Learning Method (00:22:28)
  • Taking Action to Achieve Goals (00:24:53)
  • The intention of your goals (00:28:53)
  • Preparing for success (00:30:03)
  • Balancing short term and long term goals (00:33:52)
  • The Lucas Boots Story (00:35:56)
  • Setting Corporate Goals (00:37:46)
  • Balancing Time and Targets (00:40:09)
  • The beginning of 2024 (00:43:35)
  • Cory’s goals for 2024 (00:45:10)
  • Closing remarks and future plans (00:46:01)

Bullet Points

  • Feeling of freshness and energy in 2024
  • Growing viewership on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon
  • Difference between Zoom and Zumba
  • Goal setting and execution strategies for the new year
  • Role of technology in goal setting
  • Incorporating technology tools for planning, scheduling, and tracking goals
  • Finding the right technology that aligns with goals
  • Fostering a goal-oriented culture in business
  • Importance of continuous learning and professional development
  • Prioritizing customer feedback in goal-setting process
  • Understanding challenges as opportunities and adjusting focus
  • Balancing short-term and long-term goals for sustainable growth
  • Shared interest in Lucas boots and personal goals for the year
  • Importance of personal growth and seeking out relevant information
  • Potential surprises and guest appearances planned for 2024


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