Mental Toughness Part 1 – Ep 12

Grow Business Podcast 12

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, hosts Cory Mosley and Lon Graham, along with Willie H, discuss the importance of mental toughness in entrepreneurship.

They explore the concept of failure as a learning opportunity, the significance of setting clear goals, and the role of mindfulness in managing stress.

Cory and Lon also share personal experiences and strategies for developing resilience, such as journaling and maintaining a positive mindset.

The episode concludes with an anticipation of more insightful discussions in future episodes.

Time Stamps

  • The pilot order and back nine episodes (00:01:04)
  • Positive feedback and impact (00:02:23)
  • The importance of mental toughness (00:03:31)
  • The importance of burning the ships (00:07:04)
  • The example of Charlie Munger (00:07:39)
  • The power of saying no (00:12:06)
  • Developing Mental Toughness (00:13:16)
  • Mindfulness and Self-Awareness (00:15:37)
  • Feeding Your Mind (00:16:43)
  • The Angry Lawn (00:18:57)
  • Mistakes and Fallibility (00:20:39)
  • Choosing a Journal (00:21:20)
  • Embracing Failure (00:29:52)
  • Setting Clear Goals (00:25:28)
  • Writing Down Goals (00:27:35)
  • The importance of giving yourself credit and learning from experiences (00:31:46)
  • The concept of being the “man in the arena” (00:32:34)
  • Dealing with ideas that couldn’t be executed and learning from others’ success (00:33:33)
  • Giving Yourself Credit (00:37:54)
  • Finishing Up and Looking Forward (00:38:09)

Bullet Points

  • The hosts discuss the importance of mental toughness in entrepreneurship
  • They compare the podcast’s episode count to a television show getting picked up for more episodes
  • They emphasize the need for positive feedback and impact from listeners to continue producing more episodes
  • They mention the challenges people may be facing and the influence of social media on perception
  • They highlight the importance of mindset in business growth and the role of mental toughness within it
  • They discuss the holiday season and the pressures it brings, such as comparing oneself to others and securing funding
  • They mention the concept of seasons in life and business and the tough journey of entrepreneurship
  • They discuss the importance of staying true to oneself and not succumbing to pressure from others
  • They share steps for developing an unshakable mindset, including the need for a system, mindfulness, and mental nutrition
  • They discuss the importance of setting clear goals, embracing failure, and continuous progress and growth.


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