The Business Growth Checklist Part 2 – Ep 11

Grow Episode 11

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory and Lon continue their discussion on a business growth checklist. They emphasize the importance of ongoing tax planning, competitor analysis, and market trends.

They also discuss the need for an optimized digital presence and efficient business processes. The importance of delegation, networking, and partnerships is highlighted as crucial for business growth.

Cory and Lon conclude with the significance of customer service and satisfaction, advising listeners to tackle one growth aspect at a time.

The episode is filled with practical advice and personal experiences, making it a valuable resource for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Time Stamps

  • The Introduction (00:00:00)
  • Discussing the Format of the Podcast (00:00:48)
  • Part 2 of the Business Growth Checklist (00:01:09)
  • Tax Planning (00:08:42)
  • Communicating with Tax Professionals (00:11:44)
  • Organizing and Updating Records (00:12:04)
  • Market Analysis (00:14:20)
  • Backlash against Self Checkout (00:15:42)
  • Competitor Analysis and Brand Diversification (00:18:30)
  • The importance of knowing your competitors (00:21:48)
  • Intelligently dealing with customer objections (00:22:11)
  • Making adjustments based on market demand (00:24:30)
  • The website interface and user experience (00:28:41)
  • Updating online store products and descriptions (00:30:54)
  • Implementing security features and staying modern (00:34:43)
  • Efficiency and productivity (00:36:59)
  • Finding the right balance (00:39:49)
  • Making it easier to do business (00:42:24)
  • Networking and Partnerships (00:46:22)
  • Delegation (00:44:21)
  • Strengthening Relationships (00:49:30)
  • The partnership end (00:51:20)
  • Creating cohesiveness (00:52:02)
  • Customer service and satisfaction (00:54:52)
  • Advice on not getting overwhelmed (00:59:07)
  • Emphasizing the importance of choosing the task (00:59:27)
  • Pick the one with the biggest impact
  • Acknowledging and thanking Willie for his contribution (01:00:09)

Bullet Points

  • Introduction and banter between Cory and Lon
  • Continuing the discussion on a business growth checklist
  • Importance of tax planning and regular communication with accountants
  • Market analysis and evaluating market trends
  • Competitor analysis and gaining a competitive advantage
  • Modernizing websites and optimizing user experience
  • Efficiency and productivity in business processes
  • Delegation and finding the right balance between automation and human interaction
  • Creating partnerships and networking opportunities
  • Importance of customer service and satisfaction


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