The 5 Critical Sales Mistakes That Could Potentially Ruin A Business – Ep 09

Grow Business Podcast 9

Show Notes

In this episode of The Grow Business Podcast, Cory and Lon discuss five critical sales mistakes that could potentially ruin a business.

They emphasize the importance of a clear sales funnel, a value-first strategy, sales versatility, adaptability, and focusing on repeat business over solely acquiring new customers.

They also highlight the need for businesses to upgrade their systems for customer convenience. The episode is filled with practical advice, personal experiences, and examples to help listeners understand and avoid these common pitfalls in business.


  • The introduction (00:00:00)
  • Positive feedback and podcast format (00:00:51)
  • Constructive criticism and its value (00:03:38)
  • The weak sales funnel (00:11:00)
  • The components of a growth-based sales funnel (00:13:05)
  • Conversion-focused website design (00:13:48)
  • Sales Funnel and Lead Generation (00:14:49)
  • Providing Information and Follow-up (00:15:39)
  • Setting Expectations and Accountability (00:18:30) .
  • The chat technology issue (00:21:51)
  • The lack of a value first strategy (00:22:51)
  • Providing value to potential customers (00:25:09)
  • No Sales Versatility (00:29:43)
  • Identifying Buyer Personalities (00:32:43)
  • Recognizing Buying Signals (00:34:28)
  • The Importance of Versatility (00:38:30)
  • Fear of New Information (00:40:23)
  • The Cost of Doing Nothing (00:44:46) T
  • Mistake Number Five: Over-reliance on new business (00:45:34)
  • The failure to create predictable opportunities from past customers (00:46:40)
  • Investing in existing customers for sustainability (00:47:35)
  • The reliance on new business (00:53:02)
  • The importance of upgrading systems (00:53:32)
  • Increasing customer convenience (00:55:15)

Mistake #1: A Weak Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is the journey you take your potential customers on, from awareness to purchase. But if this process is more akin to a clogged drain than a swift-moving river, you’re in trouble. A weak funnel means inefficiency at every step, and in turn, missed opportunities and lost revenue. Assess your funnel today. Is it clear, concise, and, most importantly, converting?

Mistake #2: Lack of a Value-First Strategy

Consider this: “Visible equals valuable.” If you’re not providing value upfront, you’re just another noise in an already loud marketplace. A value-first strategy involves enlightening and influencing customers, nurturing the relationship before asking for the sale. Are you giving before getting?

Mistake #3: No Sales Versatility

Sales versatility is about recognizing and adapting to the unique needs and personalities of each buyer. It’s the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all approach. Training your team to identify buyer personalities and adjust their strategies accordingly is not just smart—it’s essential. Are your sales techniques flexible enough to handle a variety of customer interactions?

Mistake #4: Being Fearful of New Information

As Seth Godin famously said, “The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.” The fear of embracing new strategies, technologies, or ideas can lead to stagnation. In a world where change is the only constant, adaptability is key. What new information or technology have you been avoiding that could actually propel your business forward?

Mistake #5: Over Reliance on New Business

An over reliance on new business while neglecting existing customers and referrals is akin to constantly filling a leaky bucket. It’s both costly and inefficient. Instead, focus on nurturing relationships with current customers and creating advocates for your brand. How much effort are you putting into customer retention compared to acquisition?

Sales mistakes are not just errors; they are opportunities for growth and improvement. By identifying and rectifying these five critical errors, your business can not only avoid potential downfall but also thrive in a competitive marketplace. Remember, visible equals valuable—make sure your sales process reflects that.

Bullet Points:

  • Introduction to the podcast and guest
  • Importance of positive feedback and five-star reviews
  • Discussion on the format of the podcast and the possibility of going on a rant or detour
  • Personal experiences with negative feedback and the importance of constructive criticism
  • Importance of customer feedback and drawbacks of open space offices
  • The role of marketing and customer service departments in growing sales
  • The concept of a sales funnel and its importance in attracting and converting clients
  • Strategies for nurturing leads and following up promptly
  • The value-first strategy in sales and the benefits of providing value to customers
  • The importance of sales versatility and adapting to buyer preferences
  • The need for flexibility and adaptability in business
  • Over reliance on new business and the importance of repeat business and referrals
  • Upgrading business systems to improve customer convenience and brand image

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