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Welcome to another episode of Intentionality with Dominique with your host Dominique Simpson Milton, sponsored by Altria and The Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council. In today’s segment, we are joined by Ron Carey, CEO of Tilt Creative + Production.

The mission of this show is to improve the success rate of entrepreneurs and show them how to become valued and in demand suppliers in the marketplace so they can scale their business.

The Genesis of a Creative Enterprise

Ron’s journey to founding Tilt Creative + Production was born out of a passion for storytelling and an eye for opportunity. His experience in advertising provided a solid foundation, but it was the combination of creativity and production efficiency that gave Tilt its edge. For entrepreneurs, the takeaway is clear: leverage your past experiences to carve out a unique space in the market.

The Essence of Advertising and Storytelling

Advertising isn’t merely about selling a product; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates. As Ron asserts, “It’s not taking something… and try[ing] to tell a story. If it’s a bad product or bad service, they’re not coming back.” The power lies in authentic messaging and making a genuine connection with your audience. When Tilt told a generational story for Audi, it wasn’t just a commercial; it became a memorable experience.

Diversity: The Heart of Innovation

Discussing the significance of diverse teams, Ron brings a fresh perspective, “We don’t all look at the world in the same way.” Diverse teams don’t just enrich the narrative; they redefine it. They bring depth and richness to the solutions they craft. For businesses, fostering diversity isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s a strategic advantage.

Resilience: The Non-Negotiable Trait for Success

Perhaps the most powerful message Ron shares is about resilience. “Don’t be deterred. Be resilient,” he advises. Entrepreneurship is a tumultuous journey, and the ability to persist through the highs and lows is paramount. Surround yourself with a support system, take breaks to find clarity, and maintain an even keel emotionally.

The Power of Intentional Actions

Volunteering, starting small, and being open to new experiences are strategies Ron endorses for marketing and business growth. “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens to you,” he echoes. Each intentional action, no matter how small, can plant seeds for future success.

Embracing the Future with Optimism

Looking ahead, Ron speaks of generative AI technology and the transformative impact it will have on content creation and storytelling. His optimism isn’t just for Tilt Creative + Production; it extends to the next generation of creatives who will shape the narrative of the future.

Key Takeaways

  1. Experience as a Springboard: Use your past to fuel innovation in your business.
  2. Storytelling Over Selling: Authenticity in advertising creates lasting connections.
  3. Diversity Drives Innovation: Embrace varied perspectives for a competitive edge.
  4. Resilience Equals Success: Keep moving forward, even when times get tough.
  5. Intentional Action Plants Seeds: Volunteer and start small—every effort counts.
  6. Optimism for the Future: Look forward to technological advances and the next creative wave.

Visit for more resources on supplier diversity and to connect with a community dedicated to intentional business growth. Remember, in the words of Dominique Simpson Milton, “we must always, always remain intentional to gain knowledge, skills, and connections so we can grow and thrive in business.”

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