Intentionality with Dominique Featuring Rick Harris of RL Enterprise Recruiting & Staffing

Rick Harris

Welcome to another episode of Intentionality with Dominique with your host Dominique Simpson Milton, sponsored by The Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council and Ferguson. In today’s segment, we are joined by Rick Harris, President of RL Enterprise Recruiting & Staffing.

The mission of this show is to improve the success rate of entrepreneurs and their businesses by sharing the strategies and tactics of successful suppliers.

The Timelessness of Preparation

“Everybody does not understand what it means to show up and to be ready when they walk into a room.” This quote from Rick Harris encapsulates a core principle of business success: preparation. The mere act of being present in meetings, pitches, and networking events is merely the tip of the iceberg. The foundational work lies in the research and intention you pour into understanding whom you’re meeting—anticipating needs, articulating your value proposition succinctly, and leveraging the nuances of relationship-building.

Beginning with the End in Mind

Rick’s journey from the corporate world to spearheading a premier staffing and recruiting firm wasn’t serendipity—it was strategic foresight. An often-overlooked facet of becoming a valuable supplier in the marketplace is a deep dive into one’s industry, understanding its dynamics, and identifying where one’s service can bridge a gap. In Rick’s words, “you have to be intentional.” How did you weave your past experiences and insights into a value proposition that meets a burning industry need?

Riding Through Economic Peaks and Valleys

Inevitably, entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainty. The trajectory of RL Enterprises through economic recessions underscores a crucial lesson—diversification and adaptability are not optional; they’re survival kits. Transitioning from headhunting to creating job placement strategies during a recession cements Rick’s assertion, “You always got to be reinventing yourself.” What innovative solutions can your venture unlock in response to market shifts?

Always Be Closing, But First, Connect

Behind signing a new client or bagging a big contract lies the encoded practice of ABC—Always Be Closing. Yet, a nuanced layer to this principle, as Rick demystifies, is building genuine connections predicated on value delivery. Transcending beyond the mechanics of selling, how proficient are you in understanding and solving the challenges facing your prospects?

Embrace Technology, But Don’t Lose the Personal Touch

In a digital age, where business cards are replaced with electronic contact exchange, Rick’s insight draws us back to the bare basics—some prefer the tangibility of business cards. It serves as a broader reminder: while it’s imperative to evolve with technological advancements, equipping oneself with ‘old school’ tools fosters versatility in connectivity. How adaptable is your networking strategy to different audience preferences?

Listening to Rick’s story, it becomes evident that success, in its essence, is not magically conjured—it’s a product of methodical planning, unwavering perseverance, and the profound understanding of one’s marketplace. True to its name, Intentionality with Dominique brings forth stories that remind us of the potent blend of intention and action in carving out business success.

Key Takeaways

  1. Research and Preparation Are Your Best Allies: Always arrive armed with knowledge about who you’ll meet and how your business aligns with their needs.
  2. Be Agile, Be Ready to Pivot: Economic downturns shouldn’t spell doomsday but a chance to uncover and fill new market needs.
  3. Building Trust Transcends Selling: Crafting genuine connections pivots you closer to closing deals.
  4. Master Versatile Networking: Tailor your approach to suit varying technology comforts ensures you miss no opportunity to connect.
  5. Don’t Underestimate The Classics: In an evolving digital landscape, a blend of traditional and tech-savvy methods promises broader accessibility.

Visit for more resources on supplier diversity and to connect with a community dedicated to intentional business growth. Remember, in the words of Dominique Simpson Milton, “we must always, always remain intentional to gain knowledge, skills, and connections so we can grow and thrive in business.”

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