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Hey everybody, Cory Mosley here with the RVA Small Business Network. We’ve got some exciting news. We just wanted to take a moment and share a special announcement with you. That’s right, we’re announcing our latest show on the network. And I’ve got the host of the new show joining me for a quick preview about what’s gonna be getting covered. That’s right. I’m joined right now by John Bibbs, host of our new show It’s your Home with John Bibbs. John, thanks for joining us.

Hey, Cory, it’s good to be here. Thanks for having me. Yes, well, we’re super excited to make this announcement. We had you recently on the RVA Small Business Show and there was a lot of knowledge and a lot of innovation there. And I think the conversation just clicked and it became a situation where, you know what, small business owners, the people who watch the network and watch the show, most of them are homeowners or are making some decisions in the market.

So many things are happening in not only the Richmond market, but the Virginia market. And I thought it was interesting that we should cover it. And you’re one of the top agents in the marketplace right now, so it just made a lot of sense to have you join the team. So I want to first welcome you and take a moment to share with our viewers what they’re going to see every week on It’s Your Home.

Well, It’s Your Home is really designed to be an authoritative source for information, tips and trends for homeowners. Now, this isn’t just for people who are looking to buy and sell real estate, but it’s also for people who are looking for ways to enjoy their homes more or increase the value of their homes, whether they’re thinking about selling later or whether they just want to improve the value of their home for whatever reason.

Absolutely. Now, we’re not going to give too much ways. This is just a little preview, but you’ve got some great guests that are going to be lined up. What will people see kind of every week? What are some of the things they should expect?

Well, they’re going to be put in touch with some of the leading home industry professionals in our market. So those are going to be people who can give you insider information about whether that’s financing your home or refinancing a home, how to take care of your home, the things to look for that may indicate problems for your home, how to improve value, all the key things that you want to know as a person who owns property.

But in addition to that, you’re going to get some tips on things that you could do for yourself around your house. You’re going to get some DIY things. You’re going to get some trends. Because owning a house is fun in the sense that you get the opportunity to do things with your property that people who don’t own the property, may not be able to do. And then finally one of the things I love to do is take tours of homes. And so we are identifying some of the choice real estate here in Virginia and we’re going to showcase that on every episode of It’s Your Home.

Wow. We are certainly looking forward to it. We’re excited to have you and welcome you to the family here. And I know our viewers are going to be really excited.

It’s Your Home Featuring John Bibbs; Hosted by John Bibs right here on the RVA Small Business Network. Stay tuned. We’re going to be announcing the release date very, very soon. You’re not going to want to miss this. And if you’re not on our eNewsletter, I suggest you head to to join it right now so you don’t miss an episode of It’s Your Home or any of our other shows and featured guests. I’ll see you soon.

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