Navigating Workplace Culture: Retention and Inclusion Insights

Meet The Expert Anton Gunn

Welcome to Meet The Experts with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Anton Gunn, CSP Author and CEO of 937 Strategy Group.

Author Anton Gunn, is a former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and a National Expert on workplace injustice and was recently named one of the ten most influential minority executives in healthcare.

Employees: Your Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

Imagine treating employees with the same care and dedication you reserve for your most valued customers. Anton’s principle is both simple and groundbreaking: the first step to customer satisfaction begins with employee contentment. If your business mantra has been ‘customer first,’ it’s time to recalibrate. Your employees aren’t just part of your business; they are your business. As Anton aptly reminds us, the litmus test of leadership lies in addressing the three pivotal questions every employee harbors: Do you care about me? Can you help me succeed? Can I trust you?

The Visual Testament of Employee Value

It’s not enough to profess your dedication to your team’s welfare; you must embody this principle in every corner of your work environment. The stark disparity Anton underscores between a high-end customer lounge and an employee break room neglected and in disrepair sends a potent message about value—or the lack thereof—that an organization places on its people. Redefining priorities, in this case, doesn’t demand lavish gestures but genuine efforts towards making employees feel seen and valued.

The Acoustic Value of “Yes”

Perhaps the most profound takeaway from Anton’s dialogue is the incontrovertible power of action over words. Employees seek evidence of their value in the actions of their leaders, not the hollow echo of corporate assurances. It’s the tangible expressions—be it an ergonomic workspace upgrade or addressing basic necessities like a functioning keyboard—that articulate an undeniable “yes” to their core queries about care, support, and trust.

Driving Change: An Investment in People

A glaring oversight in many business models today is the reluctance to view employee training and development as a non-negotiable investment. Businesses readily pour finances into innovation, technology, and customer acquisition strategies. Yet, they balk at the prospect of investing in the continuous growth of their employees. Anton challenges this paradigm, asserting that high-performing organizations inherently weave training and development into their DNA, affirming that mastery in your service or product begins with a team that feels competent, supported, and valued.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace a Culture of Appreciation: Understanding and valuing your employees beyond their job descriptions catalyze a culture of loyalty and satisfaction that invariably benefits customer experiences.
  2. Lead with Actions, Not Just Words: Concrete actions that demonstrate genuine care and support for your team breed an atmosphere of trust and inclusivity, crucial to retention and growth.
  3. Invest in Continuous Learning: Prioritizing continuous training and personal development for your team not only enhances their skill set but also their engagement and productivity.
  4. Reassess Your Environment: The physical work environment should reflect the value you place on your employees, serving as a daily reminder of their significance to the organization.
  5. Make Every Day A Game Day: Commitment to improvement and problem-solving should be an everyday ethos, fostering a dynamic and resilient workspace.

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