Just Lead: Employee Retention, Engagement & Building a World-Class Culture

Just Lead- Employee Retention Engagement Building a World-Class Culture

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Anton Gunn, CEO of 937 Strategy Group.

Author Anton Gunn, is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and a national expert on workplace injustice and was recently named one of the ten most influential minority executives in healthcare.

If you have a smaller company, it is incumbent upon you to build a high quality culture where people don’t want to leave. -Anton Gunn

Breaking Down Barriers

Anton, with his rich experience in leadership roles, has a deep understanding of the obstacles that often hinder organizational success. They may be anything from internal communication gaps to unconscious biases. To dismantle these barriers, Anton suggests starting with a culture of openness.

  1. How open are you to acknowledging the barriers in your organization?
  2. Are you ready to have difficult conversations and confront the challenges head-on?

Boosting Retention

Did you know that retaining a high-performing employee is far less expensive than hiring a new one? Anton emphasizes the importance of retention in “Just Lead.” He highlights that satisfied employees are not just productive but are also your best brand ambassadors. He provides actionable steps to improve job satisfaction rates, boost morale, and ultimately, enhance your retention statistics.

Building a World-Class Culture

A world-class culture is not built overnight. It requires a dedicated commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment. In “Just Lead,” Gunn provides a roadmap to building a culture where every employee feels valued and heard. He proposes that consistent recognition, open communication, and opportunities for growth are key to creating a thriving workplace culture.

Deep Dive into Leadership with “Just Lead”

Are you ready to transform your leadership style and build a work culture that inspires and retains top talent? It’s time to pick up Anton Gunn’s book, “Just Lead. It’s more than just a guide—it’s a toolbox filled with 44 actions to cultivate a culture of respect and innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Acknowledge and Address Barriers: Encourage open conversations about the challenges within the organization and work together to find solutions.
  2. Prioritize Retention: Invest in the satisfaction and growth of your employees. Remember, a content employee not only performs better but also becomes a brand advocate.
  3. Cultivate a World-Class Culture: Foster a culture of recognition, open communication, and continuous learning to create an environment where employees feel valued and heard.
  4. Embrace the Lessons from “Just Lead”: Utilize Anton Gunn’s 44 actions to revolutionize your leadership approach and transform your work culture.

Connect with Anton Gunn

Click here to purchase your copy of “Just Lead: 44 Actions to Break Down Barriers”

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