The Most Effective Strategies for Building Credibility and Authority in Niche Markets – Ep 31

Grow Business Podcast Episode 31

Show Notes:

In this episode of Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Sean V. Bradley explore the significance of establishing credibility and authority in niche markets through media and speaking engagements.

They highlight the benefits of publishing articles for audience reach and SEO, sharing personal successes like Sean’s equity deal with an automotive magazine and Cory’s long-term client acquisition from a speaking event.

They discuss the importance of authenticity in content creation and the strategic growth of online communities, with Sean’s automotive group as a prime example.

They also delve into the effectiveness of traditional media, like radio, for marketing and authority building, and the role of authorship and video in enhancing credibility.

Cory and Sean urge practitioners to set goals, collaborate with peers, and apply the strategies discussed, ending with thanks to their listeners and a prompt to follow the podcast on various platforms.


  • The intro (00:00:04)
  • Sean V. Bradley’s Accomplishments (00:02:00)
  • Using Media and Speaking to Build Your Brand (00:04:59)
  • Writing Articles and Getting Them Published (00:11:59)
  • Authenticity in Content Creation (00:15:16)
  • SEO Benefits of Content Creation (00:18:51)
  • The impact of speaking (00:20:44)
  • Content marketing and community building (00:24:41)
  • Endurance and intention in building groups (00:35:23)
  • The radio and podcasting (00:39:28)
  • Events and sponsorships (00:41:30)
  • Authorship and credibility (00:47:32)
  • Video and TV (00:51:21)
  • Taking action on key areas (00:54:54)
  • Practitioners and marketplace alignment (00:55:32)
  • Conclusion and gratitude (00:57:23)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of building credibility and authority through media and speaking
  • Value of writing articles and getting them published for audience reach and SEO
  • Leveraging opportunities to gain credibility and visibility
  • Impact of speaking engagements on businesses
  • Significance of building and nurturing online communities and groups
  • Power of communication in various forms
  • Importance of radio and its impact on businesses
  • Significance of authorship and credibility
  • Power of video in communication and its impact on Google’s algorithm
  • Emphasis on taking action and setting goals


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