Text Messaging! Your Untapped Profit Center – Ep 35

Grow Business Podcast 35

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham discuss the challenges and opportunities for micro-businesses and solopreneurs, particularly emphasizing the need for strategic investment and proactive client acquisition.

They explore the effectiveness of integrating text messaging into marketing and customer service, highlighting its cost-efficiency and ability to enhance communication strategies.

The conversation also covers the importance of modernizing business practices, such as using text messages for booking confirmations in a restaurant.

The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to embrace change and leverage new technologies to remain competitive.


  • Introduction to Podcast (00:00:10)
  • Co-host and Technical Support Acknowledgment (00:01:12)
  • Podcast Topic Approach (00:03:09)
  • Text Messaging in Marketing (00:04:05)
  • Innovative Lead Capture (00:05:08)
  • Benefits of Text Messaging (00:06:08)
  • Drawbacks of Military Time (00:08:07)
  • Text Messaging Integration (00:10:48)
  • Instant Reach of Texts (00:11:46)
  • Text Messaging as Communication Hub (00:13:25)
  • Modern CRM Systems (00:14:58)
  • Personalized Communication (00:17:52)
  • Ron Popeil Tribute (00:19:23)
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Texting (00:21:51)
  • Publication Circulation Claims (00:23:32)
  • SMS Marketing Integration (00:27:49)
  • Text Messaging for Customer Service (00:33:15)
  • Investment in Business Growth (00:38:28)
  • Adapting for New Clients (00:39:00)
  • Business Strategy Rethink (00:40:11)
  • Adapting to Tech Changes (00:41:38)
  • Podcast Conclusion (00:42:23)
  • Keeping Up with Tech in Business (00:43:15)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of integrating text messaging into marketing and sales strategies
  • High open rates and instant reach of text messages compared to emails
  • Opportunity for personalized communication and tailored promotions through text messaging
  • Challenges of email deliverability and the need for businesses to modernize their communication strategies
  • Cost-effectiveness of text messaging compared to direct mail and digital advertising
  • Effectiveness of text messaging in complementing other marketing efforts such as email and social media
  • Role of text messaging in customer service and support
  • Challenges faced by micro-businesses and solopreneurs in investing in their businesses
  • Importance of increasing visibility and communication to attract new business
  • Embracing change and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving business landscape


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