Navigating the Complexities of Hiring and Collaborating with Freelancers in Business – Ep 18

Grow Business Podcast 18

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham discuss the nuances of engaging freelancers in a business environment.

They stress the importance of clear communication, thorough vetting, and setting realistic expectations.

The conversation covers the risks of prioritizing cost over quality, the significance of treating freelancers as integral team members, and the necessity of clear agreements to prevent misunderstandings.

Cory and Lon provide practical advice on creating a supportive and effective working relationship with freelancers, ensuring both the business’s and the freelancers’ success.

Time Stamps:

  • Introduction (00:00:00)
  • Introducing LG 007 (00:01:13)
  • Thankfulness and Audience Interaction (00:03:08)
  • Topic: Successfully Working with Freelancers (00:05:47)
  • Mistakes in Hiring Freelancers (00:06:53)
  • Communication and Trust with Freelancers (00:12:39)
  • Story of Website Developer (00:16:31)
  • The importance of clear communication and realistic timelines (00:19:52)
  • Establishing roles and clear lines of communication with freelancers (00:20:39)
  • Considerations for choosing the right freelancer and setting realistic expectations (00:21:54)
  • The impact of price decisions and the need for a strong vetting process (00:22:54)
  • Recognizing and appreciating freelancers as part of the business (00:29:31)
  • Balancing professionalism and independence when working with freelancers (00:33:42)
  • Transparency in payment terms and the use of contracts (00:37:53)
  • Clear Expectations and Agreements (00:39:30)
  • Avoiding Rushed Hiring Decisions (00:40:31)
  • Providing Necessary Resources (00:42:21)
  • Fulfilling Established Expectations (00:44:07)
  • Effective Vetting and Game Plan (00:46:49)
  • Creating a System for Success (00:48:29)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of effectively working with freelancers in a business setting
  • Challenges, mistakes, and best practices when hiring and collaborating with freelancers
  • Significance of clear communication and defining project goals and expectations
  • Cautionary tale about potential risks of working with untrustworthy freelancers
  • Pitfalls of hiring freelancers based solely on cost
  • Challenges of working with freelancers who may attempt to bully or hold clients hostage
  • Setting realistic timelines and establishing expectations when hiring and collaborating with freelancers
  • Need to carefully vet freelancers and prioritize value over the lowest cost
  • Importance of recognizing and appreciating the work of freelancers
  • Providing necessary resources, support, and information to freelancers for effective job performance


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