The Business Growth Checklist Part 1 – Ep 10

Grow Business Podcast 10

Show Notes

In this podcast episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory and Lon discuss the importance of a business growth checklist. They emphasize the need for setting realistic goals, regular financial assessments, exploring new revenue streams, optimizing inventory, and customer engagement strategies.

They also highlight the significance of feedback strategies, unique marketing strategies, and the role of employee performance and morale in business growth.

Cory and Lon stress the importance of data-driven decision-making and staying updated with platform changes and trends.

They conclude the episode promising to cover six more topics in part two, encouraging listeners to take action on the discussed topics.

Time Stamps

  • The value of podcast feedback (00:01:28)
  • The challenge of podcasting (00:02:13)
  • Introducing the business growth checklist (00:04:18)
  • Reviewing Business Goals (00:07:58)
  • Determining Achievable Goals (00:09:02)
  • Adjusting Strategies (00:10:57)
  • The sports analogy (00:14:12)
  • The checklist for financial assessment (00:15:56)
  • Identifying areas of overspending (00:18:39)
  • The adjacent revenue streams (00:20:27)
  • Expanding with parallel lanes (00:22:36)
  • Inventory management and optimization (00:24:14)
  • The inventory optimization (00:27:54)
  • Assessing the value of time (00:29:38)
  • Customer engagement (00:32:16)
  • Feedback Strategy (00:33:11)
  • Engaging Clients and Scrolling (00:34:07)
  • Loyalty Rewards and Retaining Clients (00:35:54)
  • The beauty of using apps for promotions (00:39:58)
  • Creating unconventional trends in sales (00:40:51)
  • The importance of optimizing online presence (00:44:02)
  • Employee Performance and Feedback (00:47:00)
  • Recognizing and Rewarding High Performing Employees (00:48:08)
  • Coaching and Giving Credit (00:50:28)
  • The value of paying attention (00:53:15)
  • Part two of the business growth checklist (00:54:38)
  • The need for daily help (00:55:37)

Bullet Points

  • Gratitude for positive feedback and value of podcast
  • Introduction of business growth checklist
  • Importance of setting realistic goals and adjusting strategies
  • Importance of focusing on overall score in business
  • Financial assessment and budgeting
  • Exploring new revenue streams and leveraging existing customer base
  • Inventory management and creative solutions for overstocked items
  • Optimizing inventory and customer engagement strategies
  • Importance of feedback and making necessary adjustments
  • Marketing strategies and unique promotions
  • Using apps and special offers in the restaurant industry
  • Optimizing online presence and staying informed about platform updates
  • Employee performance, recognition, and team-building activities
  • Gratitude for impact of podcast and teasing upcoming topics for part two


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