5 Tips for Small Business Owners to Enhance Communication – Ep 33

Grow Business Podcast Episode 33

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Host Cory Mosley and Speaker Coach Joan Bowling, delve into the nuances of effective communication for small business owners.

They discuss the importance of active listening, setting boundaries for venting, and the need for clear and concise dialogue in business interactions.

Cory shares an anecdote about a manager who limited employee venting to ten minutes to protect his time.

They also touch on the impact of non-verbal cues and the importance of adapting communication styles to different audiences.

The episode wraps up with a reminder of the podcast’s mission to help businesses grow and an invitation for listeners to apply the insights shared to their own business practices.


  • Practicing Active Listening (00:19:01)
  • Be Clear and Concise (00:20:31)
  • Clear and Concise Communication (00:21:03)
  •  Adaptability in Communication (00:22:01)
  • Fostering Open Communication Environment (00:27:32)
  • Non-Verbal Communication and Actions (00:29:40)
  • Improving Communication Skills (00:31:03)
  • Adapting Communication Style (00:32:33)
  • Using Multiple Channels of Communication (00:34:08)
  • Venting and Disruption (00:40:29)
  • Protecting Manager’s Time (00:42:47)
  • Concluding Remarks and Gratitude (00:45:06)
  • Ineffective Communication (00:46:19)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of effective communication for small business owners
  • Significance of active listening in business interactions
  • Importance of being clear and concise in communication
  • The role of adaptability in communication for business owners
  • Challenges faced by small business owners in managing internal communication
  • Investing in improving communication skills through coaching or mentorship
  • Using multiple channels of communication and potential misinterpretations
  • Understanding the audience and adapting communication styles accordingly
  • Examples of effective communication in various business settings
  • Encouraging positive relationships with employees, vendors, and clients through effective communication


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