Welcome To The RVA SBN Network

Welcome To The RVA SBN Network (Show Image)

Welcome to The RVA Small Business Show, your number one resource for business growth, education, insights and news. Let’s get today’s show started.

I’m Cory Mosley and it’s launch day here at the RVA Small Business Network. I’m thrilled to be with you and excited to be joined by Joan Bowling. Thanks, Cory. And we’re both excited to share our new show, The RVA Small Business Show, and welcome you to rvasbn.com.

“That’s right, we created the RVA Small Business Network to be the go to resource for small business owners that want to be educated, motivated and activated to grow their business.”

At rvasbn.com you’ll find a host of quick read blogs that provide actionable business growth tips and tactics based around our five pillars of business growth sales, marketing, operations, people and mindset. That’s right, our content is fully searchable on the site. Just type in the keyword of the topic you’re interested in to see all of the articles and videos that match your request.

The RVA Small Business Network is also your new premier destination to watch interviews with some of Richmond’s best and brightest experts committed to helping educate the growing business community here in Richmond.

In the coming days, you will hear from local experts like Mike Metzger, Jerry Howard and Dean Francis. Plus deep dive into the latest books from our lineup of best selling authors on topics like Leadership, Team Building, Consulting, plus so much more.

Now, if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, please make that a priority so you don’t miss out on our content. Plus, follow us on all your favorite social media channels to qualify for our giveaways and network swag.

We are so proud to be RVA’s only online streaming video network dedicated to small business growth, education, trends and news. So hang out for a while on our site and be on the lookout for our first featured interview airing tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m Joan Bowling. And I’m Cory Mosley. And we’ll see you tomorrow.

This has been another episode of The RVA Small Business Show presented by the RVA Small Business Network. Be sure to like, share and join our newsletter at rvasbn.com.

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