Unlocking Business Growth: Strategies and Insights with Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Joan Bowling. In today’s segment, we are joined by Mike Carroll, Owner of Sandler by Focus Business Development.

Sandler by Focus Business Development provides performance Improvement Training and Coaching for Leadership, Sales, and Service for teams and individuals.

Most training doesn’t work because it doesn’t get applied, it doesn’t get reinforced. -Mike Carroll

The Success Triangle: Attitude, Behavior, Technique

Mike introduced the “success triangle,” a concept iconic to Sandler’s philosophy. The triangle consists of three corners – attitude, behavior, and technique – each contributing to the success in any aspect of life, especially business.

Attitude: The Apex of Success

At the pinnacle of the triangle is ‘attitude.’ It’s about your self-perception, how you view your business, and your outlook on the market. If these aren’t geared toward seeing opportunities, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Mike Carroll emphasizes that “if those things aren’t attitudes of opportunity, we got a problem.” It begs the question, do you see challenges as roadblocks or stepping-stones?

Behavior: The Actions that Define Us

The lower left corner of the triangle is ‘behavior,’ closely linked to our commitment to our goals. Behavior is the tangible manifestation of our attitudes. It’s about the actions we’re willing (or unwilling) to take to achieve our objectives. As Mike puts it, “Now we find out how committed we are because all of a sudden, some of the behaviors, I’m not so comfortable doing that.” What behaviors are you avoiding that could lead to your success?

Technique: The Art of Execution

Finally, the lower right corner is ‘technique,’ which encompasses the skills and methods we employ to perform our behaviors effectively. It’s about having a system or a process that ensures we’re not just busy, but productive and results-driven.

Leadership: The Art of Influence and Support

Mike also touched on leadership, a critical component in driving business success. He outlined the “four hats” of leadership within Sandler’s framework: supervisor, trainer, coach, and mentor. The essence of these roles is to build respect, get to know team members on an individual level, and support their journey towards success.

The Power of Coaching

A leader’s ability to coach is paramount. “To be a good coach, you’ve got to get the respect of your team members,” Mike stated. It’s about demonstrating to your team that you’re invested in their success as much as your own. Are you leading by example and earning the respect necessary to influence and elevate your team?

The Sandler Difference: A Humanistic Approach to Business

What sets Sandler’s approach apart is their focus on the human element, the psychology behind our business interactions. This is where many training programs fall short – they lack application and reinforcement. A system that recognizes the human dynamics at play is more likely to lead to sustainable improvement and success.

Putting the Triangle to Work

Mike reminds us that success in business isn’t just about hard work; it’s about working smartly, with the right mindset, behaviors, and techniques. Leadership isn’t about commanding; it’s about coaching, mentoring, and fostering an environment where each team member can thrive.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embrace a Positive Attitude: Cultivate an attitude that sees opportunity in every challenge.
  2. Commit to Effective Behaviors: Identify and commit to the behaviors that align with your goals.
  3. Perfect Your Technique: Develop a system that ensures your actions are purposeful and impactful.
  4. Lead by Coaching: Build respect and trust by coaching your team to success.
  5. Understand the Psychology: Adopt a humanistic approach that considers the psychology behind business interactions.

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