Promoting Disability Inclusion in Business with 6 Wheels Consulting

Promoting Disability Inclusion in Small Businesses

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting.

As America’s Disability Advisor, 6 Wheels Consulting was created to work with those in both the private and public sectors to assist them in expanding their understanding of disabilities and inclusion.

A lot of times in businesses, we have a lot of extras that are in our spaces, like boxes, or we put 50 chairs in the space when we really only need 25. -Matthew Shapiro

The Untapped Potential of Disability Inclusion

Matthew highlighted the fact that the disability population is one of the largest, yet often overlooked, minority groups. With 64 million Americans living with disabilities, there is a massive potential market for businesses that can effectively cater to their needs. Businesses should realize that the disability community has about $220 billion in discretionary income. Still, one of the main reasons this market remains untapped is the lack of accessible and fully inclusive communities.

What Does Disability Inclusion Look Like?

Being disability-inclusive is more than just being ADA compliant. It means considering how your business can be more accessible and maneuverable for someone using a wheelchair, someone visually impaired, or someone with a service animal. It’s about removing barriers (like unnecessary boxes or extra chairs in a space) that may prevent someone with a disability from fully navigating your space or even accessing your store.

Creating an Authentic Representation

From a marketing perspective, authenticity is key when it comes to disability inclusion. Instead of using stock images or clipart to represent people with disabilities, businesses should seek out and hire individuals with disabilities to feature in their marketing campaigns. This authenticity can help potential employees with disabilities feel more empowered, emboldened, and welcomed to join the organization.

Executing a Disability Inclusion Plan

The first step towards becoming more disability inclusive is to develop a plan. This plan should involve individuals with disabilities to offer their unique perspectives. Once a plan is established, it’s essential to execute it authentically and genuinely, not just as a performative gesture.

Matthew’s work at 6 Wheels Consulting aims to challenge businesses to think differently about disability inclusion. By implementing his strategies, businesses can create more inclusive environments, tap into a huge market, and foster a culture of inclusivity that benefits everyone in the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Disability Inclusion: Recognize the untapped potential of the disability community and commit to fostering a more inclusive environment.
  2. Authentic Representation: Use authentic images and representations of people with disabilities in your marketing campaigns to show your commitment to inclusivity.
  3. Create and Execute a Plan: Develop a comprehensive disability inclusion plan that involves individuals with disabilities and make sure to execute it genuinely.
  4. Engage Expertise: Consulting with experts like Matthew can provide valuable insights and strategies to help businesses become more disability-inclusive.

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