Henrico’s Economic Impact Through Sports and Entertainment

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Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. Today’s show is being brought to you by The Henrico Economic Development Authority. We are pleased to be joined by Dennis Bickmeier, Executive Director of Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority.

The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority was launched in 2022 and serves as the principal point of contact for the area’s sports tourism programs, which generate more than $60 million in economic impact annually. The organization also leads the way in event programming and managing Henrico’s public and private investments.

The beauty of the sports and event center is the flexibility that that building has. We can segment that building in so many different. -Dennis Bickmeier

The Rise of a New Player: Henrico Sports Entertainment Authority

In 2022, Henrico made a strategic move by launching the Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority. It’s not only a nod to the region’s sporting legacy but also a visionary leap into the future. Dennis Bickmeier, the organization’s Executive Director, succinctly puts it, “Sports tourism has become its own brand.”

The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority isn’t merely a sports promoter; it’s a catalyst for growth. With a portfolio that includes the Henrico Sports and Events Center and the upcoming Green City arena, the authority is reshaping Henrico’s economic landscape.

The Economic Impact of Sports Tourism

Imagine an influx of more than $60 million annually—this is the kind of economic impact we’re talking about. Sports tourism isn’t just about the love of the game; it’s also about filling hotel rooms, buzzing restaurants, and vibrant local businesses. Events like the Jeff Cup Soccer Tournament have long brought energy to the area, but now with the Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority’s strategic framework, the scope has broadened dramatically.

A Game Changer for Henrico

Why is the HenricoSEA a pivotal development for the county? According to Dennis, “It fills a big gap in our sports tourism portfolio.” From managing existing facilities to planning new ones like the Green City Arena, this organization is a testament to Henrico’s commitment to innovation and community enrichment.

The Future is Now: What’s Unfolding in Henrico

The sports and events center alone is booked for 46 weekends in 2024, signifying a high demand and a successful bid for events. Perhaps even more exciting is the prospect of hosting NCAA Championships and other major events at the Green City arena. This is more than just a vision; it’s a reality in the making.

A Call to Action: How Can You Get Involved?

The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority exemplifies the convergence of sports, business, and community. But what does this mean for you? If you’re a business owner, a sports enthusiast, or simply a resident who loves Henrico, there’s a role for you to play in this unfolding story.

Consider the following:

  • Engage with the HenricoSEA: If you have an event in mind or want to explore opportunities, reach out. They invites collaboration and are open to innovative ideas.
  • Support Local Events: Attend, sponsor, or volunteer at events. Your participation fuels the local economy and enhances the county’s appeal as a sports destination.
  • Spread the Word: Share the news about Henrico’s sports tourism initiatives. Every conversation can lead to new opportunities and partnerships.

Henrico is on the verge of becoming a sports tourism hub, and the Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority is the driving force behind it. With initiatives like these, the county is not just playing the game—it’s changing it.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority is revolutionizing the local economy through sports tourism.
  2.  Sports events are expected to generate significant economic impact, with facilities like the Henrico Sports & Events Center leading the charge.
  3. The upcoming Green City Arena is set to be a major player in hosting both local and national events.
  4. Engaging with the HenricoSEA can open doors for business growth and community involvement.
  5. Supporting and promoting local sports events can contribute to the area’s vibrancy and economic prosperity.

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