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Troy Clark

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Troy Clark, Owner and Operator of That 1 Painter Richmond.

Troy and the team at That 1 Painter Richmond, are not like your typical contractor and have a commitment to quality, service, and customer experience with the mission to be your best house guest ever!

We try to make it out to as many events as we can be at just to get in front of our community members, our homeowners and business owners that use our services every day.

Unraveling the Painter Paradox

Everyone has a story or has heard one about the pitfalls of home improvement adventures – the excitement subtly doused by tales of disappointment. Troy Clark steps into this narrative like a breath of fresh air, debunking common contractor myths and exemplifying his company’s ethos to be “your best house guest ever.” The secret? A commitment to unrivaled quality service and utmost respect for your space and time.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Some Hold Paintbrushes

“Doing everything that’s a flat surface.” That’s how Troy describes the services of That 1 Painter Richmond. From walls and ceilings to doors and decks, his team doesn’t just show up; they elevate the painting service into an art form (pun intended). But it’s not merely about covering up old hues with new shades; it’s the holistic approach and the extra mile – identifying potential issues and solutions beyond the immediate scope of painting – that sets them apart.

DIY vs. Professional Painter: The Eternal Debate

There’s a certain romance to DIY that appeals to the soul – the conception of creating and crafting with one’s own hands. Yet, as Troy highlights, painting is an arena where the romance quickly fades, giving way to the realization that perhaps some tasks are best left to the experts. A half-painted wall isn’t just a project; it’s a constant reminder of battles half-fought. Professionals come in with not just the skill but the ability to discern, detail, and deliver without leaving your house resembling a Jackson Pollock canvas on a drizzly day.

Seeing Beyond the Brushstrokes

Exploring the tapestry of innovation and craftsmanship, Troy unveils the technological advancements instrumental in modern-day painting. Virtual reality for color testing, tools capable of matching the sheen and shade of colors, and paints that combat odors and bacteria – yes, it’s a thing now. Envisioning your home in its refurbished glory or matching that stubborn shade becomes not just plausible but a guarantee of satisfaction with the level of investment involved.

More Than Just Paint

Diving deeper, Troy brings to light services one might not typically associate with a painting company. From addressing popcorn ceilings and woeful wallpaper to executing a comprehensive ‘sell-ready’ service for those keen on putting property on the market – the spectrum of expertise they offer is as diverse as it comes. And lime washing? It’s not just an enduring finish but a stylistic statement, moving the external fabric of your house from vintage to avant-garde with one sweep of the brush.

Community at the Heart

But perhaps what truly distinguishes That 1 Painter, Richmond, in Troy’s discussion with Cory isn’t just the breadth of services but the philosophy of giving back through initiatives like “Paint It Forward.” It’s an affirmation that excellent service can seamlessly weave into the larger tapestry of community support and human connection.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Trust the Pros: Beyond the obvious advantages in quality and detailing, professional painters bring a wealth of knowledge on what works best for your space, backed by technology and innovation.
  2. It’s in the Details: A painting service worth its salt is about more than color; it’s preciseness in execution and attention to the finer details – elements that transform spaces.
  3. Beyond Color Matching: Modern painting services now offer advanced solutions that cater not just to aesthetics but to lifestyle needs – from sanitation and odor control to stylistic enhancements like lime washing.
  4. The Value of Giving Back: The measure of a company’s worth is also seen in its contributions to the community. Engaging with businesses that have a positive impact resonates far beyond the walls of your home.

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