Maximizing Business Growth with Effective Learning Strategies

Nancy Giere

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Joan Bowling. In today’s segment, we are joined by Nancy Giere, Learning Architect at Nancy Giere & Associates, Inc.

Nancy provides custom training solutions for businesses of all sizes that want to monetize their expertise or level up their employee’s skills.

The biggest challenge is finding the time to get the work done and to shift your mindset from another project to, hey, I’m creating something that’s going to generate another revenue stream for me. -Nancy Giere

Classroom vs. Digital: Bridging the Gap

In an era where the digital space is congested with myriad courses and informational content vying for attention, the architect—the instructional designer—emerges as the central figure in creating standout learning experiences. Nancy emphasizes the journey of instructional designers, who meticulously curate content, determine its audience, and decide on the delivery method. With learning shifting largely online, especially highlighted by the constraints and opportunities propelled by recent global challenges, the deliberation on delivery becomes more crucial than ever.

Interactivity: The Key to Standout Training

However, constructing the foundation is just the first step. What truly makes training transcendental is its ability to engage the learner actively. Through the prism of Nancy’s expertise, we see the quintessence of innovative training unfolds—branching video, an enthralling interactive tool, cascades the traditional confines of eLearning. Watching a clip, answering questions, and jumping to relevant segments offer a glorious merger of a quiz and video, making learning an adventure rather than a passive activity.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

For entrepreneurs and businesses raring to venture into the realm of eLearning or to refine their existing efforts, the subdivision of focus areas as identified by Nancy—allocating time for content creation, orienting towards creative instruction, discerning the target clientele, distinguishing between a ‘painkiller and a vitamin’, and ultimately, delineating a clear outcome—are substantial stepping stones towards a worthy e-curation.

The Magic Within Gaming in Learning

Unsurprisingly, the conversation segues into the realm of gamification, a dynamo in transforming training into an utterly engaging encounter. The methodology proposed by applications like Duolingo and the digitization of traditional engagement tools into eLearning formats serves as a testament to the evolving teaching apparatus, which, when leveraged correctly, can drastically elevate learning retention and experience.

Crystalizing Impact Through Strategic Design

As novices and experienced practitioners thread through the labyrinth of eLearning content creation, identifying where to commence might seem daunting. Yet, Nancy expertly outlines a systematic approach akin to constructing a majestic edifice:

  1. Picturing the Clientele.
  2. Pioneering with an Objective.
  3. Outlining and Repurposing Content.
  4. Fostering Interactivity for Indelibility.

Embarking with clarity and driving towards a deliberate, learner-centric destination, the scaffolding of using what one possesses and what one needs weaves the blueprint into reality.

Wrapping Up: Reimagining Learning Architectures

In essence, transcending traditional boundaries of content delivery and creating pathways to a fascinating learning discovery has never been existential or optional—it’s quintessential. Listening to the riveting discussion with Nancy uncovers the disparate layers of eLearning, clarifying once and for all, that a course is not mere recordings sequentially stitched together—it’s a consciously constructed cumulative learning journey.

Key Takeaways

  1. Adopt an architect’s mindset: Design your training courses with a firm structure, clear objective, and intended audience in mind.
  2. Embrace interactivity: Utilize engaging mechanisms like branched videos and insert interactive elements to transform passive viewers into active participants
  3. Capitalize on gamification: Integrate elements of play and competition to enhance motivation and make learning enjoyable.
  4. Strategic content curation is vital: Identify what you can repurpose and what needs creation from scratch. Begin with the end in mind and define tangible outcomes for your learners.
  5. Transition from an analytics-driven perspective to creativity: Make your training content visually appealing, easily digestible, and fun to encourage course completion and retention.

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