Building a Thriving 21st Century Business Culture

Aaron Lee

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. On our first Gather Member Spotlight, we are joined by Aaron Lee, CEO of Leaders Rising Network.

Leaders Rising Network is a leadership development, executive coaching, and business consulting company.

You’ve got to find the right rhythm of shifting into and out of work. We only have 168 hours in a week. -Aaron Lee

Building a Thriving Culture

Every business has its expertise, its unique selling proposition. Yet, so often, the ‘people side’ of business is overlooked. Aaron emphasizes, “When you put together [your expertise] with the people side of the business…that’s where the magic truly happens.” But how do you conjure this magic in your own business?

Working ON the Business, Not Just IN It

It’s the age-old mantra of entrepreneurship: are you working on your business or just in it? This distinction is crucial for growth. Aaron suggests that building for the future requires shifting focus from daily tasks to developing leadership pipelines, improving communication, and decreasing turnover. “We’ve got to build up the people,” he insists, highlighting the importance of understanding and maximizing human capital.

The Generational Perspective

Aaron also touches on the generational nuances within the workforce. The loyalty and perspectives of baby boomers differ markedly from the transient, role-hopping tendencies of younger generations. Understanding these differences and learning to communicate effectively across generational divides is key to effective leadership.

Preparing for Crisis

With the unpredictability of the business world, preparing for crisis is non-negotiable. Lee’s background in emergency management provides a unique perspective on crisis preparedness. His advice? Be confident, secure, and patient. And importantly, find that trusted advisor who can help you navigate through the storm.

The Importance of Coaching

Coaching is not just for those facing challenges; it’s for anyone looking to gain an outside perspective. Aaron likens a coach to a clarifying lens, helping business owners see their operations from a new angle and unlocking potential that lies dormant.

From Good Intentions to Concrete Actions

The leap from intention to action is a vast one. Aaron notes that many leadership development programs fail due to information overload and a lack of time. The solution? Break it down. Implement changes gradually, ensuring they align with the business’s rhythm and capacity.

Key Takeaways:

  1. People Power: Invest in understanding and growing your team to unleash the true potential of your business.
  2. On vs. In: Shift your focus from daily grind to strategic growth and create a culture that fosters innovation.
  3. Generational Bridge: Recognize and respect the differences among generations to build a stronger, more cohesive team.
  4. Crisis-Proof Leadership: Stay confident and seek guidance to steer your business through the inevitable storms.
  5. Value of Coaching: Embrace coaching as a tool for gaining fresh perspectives and sparking growth, regardless of your business’s current success level.
  6. Actionable Steps: Break down leadership development into manageable, consistent actions that fit within your business’s rhythm.

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