Revolutionizing Employee Benefits with Fringe

Jordan Peace

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Joan Bowling. In today’s segment, we are joined by Jordan Peace, CEO and Co-Founder of Fringe.

Fringe is the world’s first lifestyle benefits marketplace that is redefining benefits for the new world of work. The Fringe ecosystem consists of 140 popular apps and services where employees can pick and choose their perks with points supplied by their employers

They can choose the services that meet their needs now, that give them time back in their day, maybe reduce stress or simply bring joy to their family. -Jordan Peace

The Genesis of Fringe

Inspiration often strikes in the least expected moments, as it did for Jordan. The inception of Fringe was born out of a stark realization: most people struggle to understand their employee benefits. The complexities surrounding traditional benefits overshadow their intended purpose – to show employees they’re valued. “If I can’t even understand my benefits, then how am I going to appreciate them?” Jordan mused during his interview, highlighting the foundational challenge Fringe aims to address.

How Does Fringe Work?

In simple terms, Fringe demystifies benefits for both the employer and the employee. Through a customizable marketplace comprising 140 popular apps and services, employees can use points supplied by their employers to select perks that genuinely cater to their needs – be it a Spotify subscription or a much-needed childcare service.

A New Paradigm: Perks Over Pay

The concept that perks could be valued more than pay might seem far-fetched to some. Yet, this is the reality Fringe taps into. By redirecting funds into lifestyle benefits, employers can inject a sense of appreciation, care, and support into their work culture. It’s not about the monetary value – it’s about the perceived value and the message it sends: “I see you.”

Empowering Employees Through Choice

Fringe’s universal appeal partly lies in the power of choice it offers employees. From celebratory gifts to earned bonuses and even charitable giving, the benefits on Fringe cover an extensive array demonstrating the platform’s flexibility and adaptability to unique employee needs.

Why The Approach Works

As stated by Jordan, their staggering 90% engagement rate is a testament to Fringe’s efficacy and appeal. But it’s more than just enticing options drawing employees in – it’s the personalization and relevancy that make them feel truly seen and appreciated in the workplace.

The Role of Employee Benefits in Corporate Culture

In our “clock-in, clock-out” world, integrating work and life isn’t just nice to have; it’s expected. Cultivating a work environment where employees feel valued and recognized extends beyond occasional thank-yous. It’s about fostering a culture where acknowledgment and support are ingrained in the DNA of the company – something Fringe expertly enables through its innovative platform.

Key Takeaways

  1. Personalization is Key: In an era of customization everything from coffee orders to Netflix recommendations, why should employee benefits be any different?
  2. Perceived Value over Monetary Value: It’s not about the price tag; meaningful perks make employees feel appreciated and valued.
  3. Empowering Choice Elevates Engagement: Giving employees the autonomy to choose their benefits can significantly enhance job satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Revitalize Corporate Culture: Modernizing benefits is a step towards a more vibrant, caring, and supportive workplace culture.

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