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Grant Gooley

Welcome to Meet The Experts with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Grant Gooley, Founder and CEO MyPortal Marketing.

MyPortal Marketing is a a full service marketing company that is focused on one thing – Growing Your Business.

Building a Valuable Brand with Authority

The concatenation of messages bombarding the digital space daily can drown out even the most aggressive marketing strategies. How, then, can businesses cut through this noise? Grant points out that it boils down to building authority in your space. Choosing a partner or a service is intrinsically tied to trust—choosing someone who speaks with an air of knowledge and expertise that resonates with solving your problems.

“Everywhere you go, there is some type of marketing message being put in front of you,” Grant notes. How do you differentiate yours? Become an expert in solving your customers’ problems.

Discerning the Right Marketing Style

In an environment where everyone strives to be noticed, some businesses resort to wild antics. Others take a more informational approach. So, what’s the right balance? Understanding your ideal client.

Grant’s advice is about starting with your audience at the center and reverse engineering your strategies to cater specifically to their preferences, needs, and problem-solving processes. Whether to choose a unicycle-riding spectacle or a serious tone depends strongly on who’s watching and what message will resonate the strongest with them.

Immediate vs. Long-term Strategy Deployment

A common misconception in digital marketing is expecting immediate, drastic outcomes from new strategies. Grant highlights that true marketing success is a journey; it’s about building authority and becoming a distinctive brand in your customers’ eyes, a process that inherently takes time.

However, urgency in capturing market attention is still valid. For more immediate outcomes, Grant suggests leveraging paid advertisement options like Google Ads or Meta Ads. These can place you directly in front of your desired audience, albeit temporarily, until your longer-term strategies begin to bear fruit.

Leveraging AI without Losing the Human Touch

Discussing the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Grant emphasizes its inevitability in the landscape of marketing. However, he warns against losing the personal touch. Personalizing the AI experience to maintain and enhance human-like interactions ensures that while technology might be behind the scenes, the warmth of human connection doesn’t get lost in translation.

Building through Testimonials and Reviews

Perhaps the most actionable advice Grant shares concerns the power of testimonials and reviews. Encouraging customers to share their genuine experiences can sway prospects more convincingly than any highly curated marketing message. It’s an old bit of wisdom newly relevant in the digital age: authenticity sells.

Actionable Steps for Today’s Marketer

Emerging from Grant’s insights are clear steps any business can implement immediately to refine their digital marketing efforts, specially tailored for an audience that demands genuineness, is easily distracted, and skeptically navigates a sea of endless promotions:

  1. Know Your Audience: Delve deeply into understanding not just who your audience is but how they perceive problems and solutions.
  2. Balance Style with Substance: Match your marketing style—edgy or serious—to the audience’s preferences without losing your core message.
  3. Plan Beyond Today: Complement quick-win strategies with long-term goals aimed at building lasting authority and trust.
  4. Personalize AI: Leverage AI’s power without sacrificing the personalized touch that forms genuine customer connections.
  5. Promote Authenticity: Encourage and highlight customer reviews and testimonials as your most potent marketing tools.

Cutting through digital noise requires more than strategies; it calls for building genuine connections, echoing authenticity, and pacing your marketing strides iteratively towards building a brand that stands out not just for its visibility, but its valuable presence. Grant’s conversation with Cory provides a timely reminder that, in marketing, technology is an ally, but true success lies in understanding people.

Key Takeaways

  1. Build Authority, Not Just Presence: Establish your expertise as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.
  2. Reverse Engineer from Your Audience Needs: Identify and understand your target market before mapping out your marketing strategy.
  3. Employ a Mix of Strategies: Navigate between immediate and long-term strategies to cover all bases and maintain constant engagement.
  4. Balance AI Implementation with Personification: Harness AI’s efficiency without displacing the human element in your interactions.
  5. Capitalize on the Power of Word-of-Mouth: Never underestimate the influence of genuine testimonials and reviews for business growth.

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