Dominion Energy’s Mission and Community Impact

Utibe Bassey

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Cory Mosley. In today’s segment, we are joined by Utibe Bassey, Vice President of Customer Experience at Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy ‘powers’ its customers’ everyday activities – education, work, play, and time with family – Electricity plays a silent but significant role in our ability to do those things. Beyond that, the Customer Service team supports customers who might need assistance with their energy/utility bills.

We don’t underplay or undermine the honor that it is that we have to serve our customers. It’s truly very much a mission driven, service driven company. -Utibe Bassey

The Mission: More Than Just Electricity

Dominion Energy’s mission is straightforward and powerful: provide reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy to power customers’ everyday lives. It’s a matter of service and commitment, particularly highlighted during adversities like power outages.

“We may not realize it until there’s an outage. How much of our lives are dependent on power.” Utibe Bassey reminds us of the critical role energy plays in our everyday activities. This acknowledgment drives Dominion to work relentlessly, aspiring for their efforts to go unnoticed because that means customers have the uninterrupted power they need.

Customer Service: A Philosophy of Love and Support

Dominion approaches customer service with a rare philosophy for a utility company, one that’s centered around love and impact. As Utibe articulates, it’s about “how people feel about them,” not just about the company.

Her leadership philosophy, ‘love as a KPI,’ resonates deeply with the core values of Dominion Energy. It’s about measuring the positive impact left on people, beyond the usual metrics of business success.

Community Engagement: Beyond the Power Lines

Dominion Energy’s connection to the community goes beyond the provision of electricity. Their unique position as both service provider and community member allows them to engage deeply with the areas they serve.

From grassroots events to significant cultural sponsorships, Dominion’s presence is felt across various levels. Initiatives like the HBCU promise reflect a commitment to education and cultural development, embodying a 360-degree view of community support.

Weather Preparedness: Ensuring Safety and Continuity

Discussing inclement weather, Utibe emphasizes safety as Dominion’s number one core value. She shares practical tips for personal and business preparedness, advocating for caution and the use of tools like the Dominion Energy app for outage reporting and updates.

Assistance Programs: A Helping Hand

Dominion doesn’t shy away from the reality that, at times, individuals and businesses struggle to cover energy expenses. Programs like PIP (Percentage of Income Payment Program) and Energy Share offer support to those facing financial challenges, demonstrating a layered approach to customer care.

Dominion Energy’s mission and actions illuminate the profound impact of utility companies on everyday life and community well-being. Their leadership in customer experience, community engagement, and support programs set an example for corporate responsibility, transcending the traditional role of a service provider.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Silent Enabler: Recognize the essential role of energy in powering every aspect of modern life.
  2. Service with Love: Adopt a customer service approach that prioritizes the emotional well-being of your customers.
  3. Engage Deeply: Be present and active in your community beyond the confines of your business offerings.
  4. Prepare and Protect: Embrace safety as a core value and prepare for all scenarios to maintain continuity.
  5. Support Systems: Understand the financial struggles of your customers and provide programs that offer tangible aid.

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