Attracting Business Growth: Greater Richmond Partnership’s Role

Jennifer Wakefield

Welcome to another episode of The RVA Small Business Show with your host Joan Bowling. In today’s segment, we are joined by Jennifer Wakefield, APR, President + CEO of Greater Richmond Partnership.

The Greater Richmond Partnership offers a full range of services to businesses looking to locate or expand in the Richmond area and has a staff of business development experts who can assist with everything from site location analysis to evaluation of financial assistance.

We are very, very good at what’s called corporate services and management of companies and enterprises. That’s why you see eleven Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters right here, and many more even have a divisional headquarters. -Jennifer Wakefield

The GRP Advantage: A Symbiotic Relationship for Growth

The Greater Richmond Partnership isn’t just a resource; it’s a strategic ally for businesses. It is a public-private collaboration that spans the city of Richmond and extends to the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico, buttressed by about 120 private sector investors. Their chief ambition? To recruit new companies to these localities, thereby boosting job creation and capital investment in the region.

A New Year, A Renewed Focus on Attraction

As we embrace the newness of the year, the GRP’s focus sharpens. The goal is clear-cut: attract new businesses to the region. But it’s not just about attracting any business; it’s about attracting the *right* businesses. By generating leads and conducting rigorous research, the GRP ensures that the businesses they bring will enrich the local economy and provide ample job opportunities for residents.

A Tale of Opportunity: Why Richmond?

It’s a valid query: Why should businesses, especially those well-established in their locales, care about the GRP or consider Richmond? The answer lies in the region’s robust offerings. Richmond is not only the midpoint of the East Coast but also a stone’s throw from Washington D.C. and Raleigh-Durham. Beyond geography, the region boasts a thriving talent pool, bolstered by local degree programs and community college initiatives. In a post-pandemic world where quality of life often precedes job selection, Richmond’s allure becomes increasingly potent.

Pivoting in Pandemic Times: Richmond’s Responsive Research

The pandemic has been a game-changer for businesses worldwide, and Richmond is no exception. The GRP has adeptly pivoted, placing a greater emphasis on online research and digital resources. With most information now sought online, the partnership has enriched its website with comprehensive data, catering to the condensed timelines and heightened digital demands of today’s businesses.

Building Long-Lasting Bonds: GRP’s Post-Settlement Support

It’s not just about getting businesses to set up shop; it’s about nurturing them once they’re part of the community. The GRP’s commitment doesn’t end with a successful settlement. They continue to foster relationships, offering tours and engaging new businesses to ensure they feel at home and can tap into the region’s full potential.

The Call to Local Businesses: Join the Growth Movement

If you’re a local business, there’s an open invitation to be part of this growth story. By visiting GRP’s website, businesses can learn how to contribute to the region’s narrative and play a role in attracting even more companies to Richmond. It’s a collective effort where every local business can be a protagonist.

Measuring Success: Counting More Than Just Numbers

For the GRP, success isn’t solely quantified by the number of companies they attract. It goes deeper, assessing leads generated, average wages, and foundational metrics that underpin sustainable growth. It’s a holistic approach to economic development that values both immediate outcomes and long-term community benefits.

The GRP isn’t just facilitating business growth; it’s curating a thriving ecosystem where businesses and communities flourish together. Its multifaceted approach, which emphasizes talent, quality of life, and responsive research, makes the Richmond region an irresistible proposition for businesses looking to expand or relocate.

Key Takeaways

  1. Leverage the GRP’s expertise to fuel your business’s growth and navigate the opportunities in the Richmond region.
  2. Tap into Richmond’s strategic location and robust talent pool to give your business a competitive edge.
  3. Stay informed and involved with the GRP’s initiatives to play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s economic landscape.
  4. Consider the quality of life in your business decisions, as it’s increasingly pivotal in attracting and retaining talent.
  5. Embrace digital transformation and leverage online resources to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business environment.

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